Business Intelligence Solutions


Data is ever growing!! Fact is every day your business data is growing. However, is your business ready to handle this growth? Can you derive meaning out of your data and grow your business intelligently? Inforeem is committed to help our customers to grow their businesses using their own data. There are numerous tools to analyze data. Inforeem works with its customer to identify right Business Intelligence tools and provides the best value for investment.

To keep pace with technologies and their impact on how business is conducted, Inforeem has Informatica, SAS and Altosoft Centers of Excellence (CoE). The center ensures we keep pace with the latest technologies hence the latest software releases from Informatica, SAS and Altosoft. The CoE is focused on training and implementing the most optimal technologies, architectures, and frameworks to provide best-of-breed solutions and services to our customers. The CoE ensures we provide the best technical solutions to challenging, complex, and evolving business needs of our customers. The CoE also focuses on sharing best practices that can be leveraged across diverse engagements.

Experience, Expertise, Leadership and Talent... are some of the key attributes you’re looking for in your business intelligence (BI) consulting team. At Inforeem, we believe value and ease of implementation are the main decision factors when evaluating a BI solution. Data is everywhere and data integration, process, support and maintenance, as well as data availability requires people with specialized skills to integrate, manage and support large BI environments. Our Center of Excellence becomes the basis for all of the above offerings.

In summary, the Informatica, SAS and Altosoft centers of excellence provide a platform for the following:

Note: Logos for Informatica, SAS and Altosoft are owned by their respective companies.